I'd like to thank everyone who participated in Minestick when it was up. The server is down permanently.
The files the server runs on can be found at http://www.minestick.com/minestick-11_20_12-03_06_43.tar.gz (Warning: 4.1GB). If anyone decides to host a copy of this server, let me know and I'll update this post to contain a link to their server.


The temporary server, craft.minestick.com:24000, is on 1.3.1 vanilla.


The main server has been updated to bukkit with a basic compliement of mods.

A new world was generated, and a maximum world size has been set at a square of 30,000 chunks. You'll receive a message if you run into it. So before you start a particularly large build, run around the outline and make sure you're not falling partway off the world.

This is the new permanent world. You should be safe to make builds here. The world we had for the last couple months was named 'backupcrash' for your reference. If you made something there you want to keep, we'll be getting a multiworld plugin soon and can pull a copy of it out to bring into the current world.

If you had the admins grab a copy of your house or other build and you want it placed, you can now inform them of what it is and where you want it.


The backup server (craft.minestick.com:24000) is up and running with the latest mods and configurations. Give it a test! If permissions and configurations seem ok, we can put the changes onto the main server.


The backup server (craft.minestick.com:24000) has suffered a CPU fan failure and will be down until it is fixed, or a replacement arrives.

Since the backup server was more popular, having a newer version, I'm putting up a clean world and the latest server version on the main server until this is fixed.


Vanilla 1.2 has been installed on the test server, craft.minestick.com:24000. The main server is still running 1.0.1 with bukkit.


Once 1.2 is live and has a craftbukkit version we will be resetting the world.

If you have or know of some construction that you want to carry over into the new world, post in the forum with the coordinates and a description of what you want to save. An admin will mark out the area and save it, and it can be imported into the new world.

Please visit the Minestick Forum for more information.


The test server has been upgraded to Minecraft version 1.1.

While not mentioned in the news, the main server is currently on Minecraft version 1.0.1 with the bukkit addon.

Once bukkit updates, the standard upgrade process (test server with mods, then to the main server) will continue. Until then, please refrain from upgrading your Minecraft install, or keep a backup, if you wish to connect to Minestick.

The test server can be accessed with the address craft.minestick.com:24000


The test server has been updated to Minecraft verison 1.0.1, and has a test version of bukkit applied. The world has been reset in order to test new features.

Please feel free to play around with it and see if anything is broken. If everything works well enough, we can put this test version on the main server.

You can connect to the test server by using the address craft.minestick.com:24000.


The problem turned out to be software based. There were several coincidences that led me to incorrect conclusions, but the evidence turned out to be unrelated.

The world has been restored to the backup at the start of the 14th. The world got corrupted because of these events, and a slight rollback was required.

I'm heading out of town to be with relatives for Thanksgiving. If I have some time while away, I'll upgrade the temporary server to 1.0 and we can see how that works. Otherwise, upgrades will have to wait until I return.


Time for some bad news.

The internet was going up and down a lot today, so I took the opportunity of some downtime to install additional RAM on the Minestick server.

For those that haven't heard, an associate of mine is interested in starting up a second Minecraft server on Minestick. Since Minecraft is primarily a single-threaded application, and it would be running on a separate hard drive it would be relatively unnoticed. The only limitation was that for both servers to consume 2GBs of RAM, the system's 4GBs of RAM would need to be expanded to allow for basic system services to continue running.

After the RAM was installed, the system would run for around five minutes, then lock up. When running memtest (booting off the CD drive), the system would run for around five minutes, then lock up. After returning the system to the original RAM module configuration and booting memtest off the CD, the system would run for around five minutes, then lock up.

Also, the improper shutdown that the server did has corrupted the map. It can be restored from last night's backup. But not until the system is actually running again.

The backup server, craft.minestick.com:24000, is still online. I'll do what I can to get the server back online. But the problem has me a bit stumped. Anyone with some ideas of what the problem might be should feel free to pass them along.


There was a power outage, followed by an internet outage. Total downtime was around 21 hours.

Some of you may remember an issue with the amplifier powering the internet, around last Christmas. The electric breaker that it was plugged into kept flipping, causing the internet to go out. The amplifier is no longer required to get the internet running, and the technician reports that it should improve the upstream performance.

That may not translate into lower ping times or better performance, but it should give us a larger window to play with before any bandwidth related degradation occurs.

The main server has been upgraded to 1.8.1 with bukkit. A new mod has been added which will allow users to experience 1.8 world content without having to travel ridiculous distances.

Ask your local moderator about installing a portal at a locale near you.

The SSD is installed again. You should notice a performance boost.

The RMA request to OCZ for the SSD HD has been accepted, and the package has been mailed. Eventually, we should get back a new SSD, which will hopefully last at least eight more months.

Seeing as we have an expected lifetime for this HD now, we should probably make some plans for replacing it sometime within half a year.

There has been a hardware failure on the SSD (solid state hard drive) on the Minestick server. I've managed to recover all necessary Minecraft related files except for the latest copy of the world data. Since the failure occured around 11am Pacific time, that means about 10 hours of data have been lost since the last backup.

The server should be back up soon, minus 10 hours of world data. I've submitted an RMA request for the SSD to the drive manufacturer, so hopefully we can get a new one without having to buy it. Until then, we'll be working off a platter drive, and performance may be a little slower than you're used to.

Update: It appears the Nether was not being backed up and has been lost. The odds of recovering it from the failed drive are low enough that it's not worth making the attempt. The normal world doesn't seem to have any problems.

The main server at craft.minestick.com has been upgraded to 1.7.3 with bukkit and our selection of mods. If you were voiced and are not now, just harass a moderator (they'll be colored green) and they can get your voice status back.

This update took a long time for several reasons. I had a number of real life things dealing with work and family that I spent a lot of time on, which drained my energy. Also, bukkit and the mods like to change format a lot, so every time I would get some time and try to update, something would go wrong, and I'd need to relearn how to make that mod work.

In the end, the permissions system ended up being formatted so differently that I only got the moderators set up properly. The moderators can now voice other users themselves, so it's not necessary to email Server to do so.

The /help command has also been updated and should be accurate as to everything that can be done with your current access. Just type /help to get a summary, and /help # to read more commands.

In hindsight, the primary concern of getting these mods working is to offer a level of anti-grief protection. Would people prefer to have the main server world accessible with limited access -- the inability to place lava or start fires -- after an update, or would they prefer to wait until a full update can be done? With the duration an update seems to take sometimes, I suspect that may change some people's opinions.

Thank you for the patience, happy minecrafting!

The test server is now running on Minecraft 1.7, the piston update. The old world seems to have entered a broken state because of the pistons, so a new world was genned. You can connect to the test server using the address craft.minestick.com:24000. Please remember that the test world has no guarantees. It can be wiped or destroyed when testing needs to be done.

When Bukkit updates, we'll update Minestick with the new version.

The main server is finally upgraded to Minecraft 1.6 and bukkit 860. There's one known bug that involves username chat colors not showing up properly in the Nether, but permissions seem to work properly there anyway.

Thank you for your patience while I suffered with real life tasks and was unable to take the time to get the server upgraded. I've finished the task that I've been working on for the past several months, and should be able to upgrade things to 1.7 much sooner when it comes out.

If you encounter anything horrible, just send me an email. My contact information is on the contact page.

Happy Minecrafting!

I did an attempt at upgrading the test server to bukkit 818 with our selection of mods, but was not successful. The results have been somewhat unpredictable, and I could not pin down the problems. So we're going to be on 1.5 on the main server for another week, as I will not have time this week to work on it further.

I'm finishing up a real world project over the next week. Hopefully finally getting it done. And that's going to consume any time I have this week. I have several unanswered emails, and I apologize. I'm going to have to neglect them for another week. But as soon as I can, I will get to them and give you responses.

Until then, the main server (craft.minestick.com) is up on 1.5, and the test server (craft.minestick.com:24000) has an approximation of bukkit 1.6 on it.

You may also notice that we have a new website! Tulio12, one of the admins, was kind enough to build it for me. His help is greatly appreciated. In the future, we'll be adding in a forum to help with permanent information storage and event coordination.
Thank you for your patience.

The test server has been updated to 1.6_04. You can connect by using the address craft.minestick.com:24000. The main server will update when bukkit does.

The world is now 8.3GBs and the backup files are 5.4GBs. I'm setting the backups to only happen once every 24 hours instead of once every 12 hours. And within the next month or so, I'm going to start deleting some of the older world saves. For some reason I've still got 921GBs of world backups laying around.

The main server has (finally) been upgraded to 1.5_02 with bukkit. Please email me if you find any problems with the configuration (like not being able to till ground or place seeds -- those are fixed).

If you wish to be voiced, you'll also have to contact me. Moderators currently don't have that ability. Getting a moderator to email me and having them vouch for you will expedite the process.

In good news, http://notch.tumblr.com says there's a solution for the modding API soon, which sounds like it oughta be pretty effective. Looking forward to that. Once it exists, updates should be much less of a headache.

Happy Minecrafting!

I've upgraded the test server (craft.minestick.com:24000) to 1.5_02 vanilla. I've just taken a backup of that world, so if things get corrupt I can restore it. Trying to figure out what to do with the main server still. Might bring up a temporary world. Might leave it as it is for now, still running 1.3. Easier to leave it as it is. Upgrading to 1.4 when 1.5 is out seems a bit silly. Would be handy to have some sort of voting mechanic so I could get the opinion of the people who use it. Send me an email (server at minestick com) and tell me what you think, then.
Addendum: The responses I've received so far have been in favor of keeping 1.3 up on the main server for now.

There was a DNS issue recently and some of you may have been unable to connect using craft.minestick.com for around half a day. The issue has been resolved and you should be able to connect normally now.

Based on other recent events, I'm realizing I don't have enough time and energy to keep Minestick up to date with all of the mods that have become essential. Looking into a solution for that. Thank you everyone for your patience.

A Minecraft update! With woofs! Happy day! Oh, but bukkit hasn't updated yet. They say it shouldn't take long, and it's likely that all mods will work without requiring people to make updated mods. So until then, just select "not now" to the update notice. Because I know you're using the new launcher, and I know you're going to read this before you choose to update the game.

But since you've updated the game and the server isn't updated yet, try using the test server for a while to play with the wolves. The address is craft.minestick.com:24000

I'll update the server as soon as bukkit updates.

Minestick was upgraded earlier today, finally. I had attempted to upgrade the server back to having mods two times during this long lull, but ran into problems associated with non-working mods and time constraints.

Even with this upgrade, it didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked. The temporary world ballooned into an enormous 1.3GBs during the time it was up. And a lot of people experienced their first playtime on Minestick on that world. Copy/pasting it into the normal work (currently 6.5GBs) is an option, but with sizes that big it would not be an easy task.

The solution I was working for was these new tools out there that let multiple "worlds" exist on the same server. Unfortunately, the mods do a terrible job of documenting this feature. I know the mods exist, but not one of them I found explain how it is configured. I didn't have time to bumble around in the dark, so the temporary world is offline for a while, until I have time to graft it in, or get multi-world support."

Anyone who started out life on Minestick in the temporary world, or wishes to have their temporary world inventory overwrite their normal world inventory, send me an email (server minestick com) and I'll overwrite it for them.

One of the changes I made is that /home no longer works. Instead, you can use /sethome, and then when you die you're teleported to your home location. This supports the mentality and gameplay style that I believe Minecraft should have. However, I'm not against "cheating the system." It just has to cost. Since there aren't teleporters that you feed resources into to make function, Or some tamable beast that conveys you to your destination, I've been thinking of setting up an economy system where you can "sell" certain resources. The money you get from selling/sacrificing these items can then be spent on one-shot commands, such as /home, or /spawn. We'll see how that goes.

I did the math on expenses and donations. I'll get a webpage up with all of the information later, when I have more time. But here's a summary.

-Server machine (good, cheap, from a friend)
-SSD (paid for by donations before purchased)
-Increased internet

The increased internet was because Comcast has a limit of 250GBs per month that can be used. With the Minecraft server running for only half a month, I was rapdily approaching that limit. To avoid interruption, I researched (a lot) and upgraded to the best choice. Well, the only choice it turned out. Comcast business class internet. The increase in internet cost (44.95) rather than the total cost (104.90) is recorded as a monthly expense.

Total expenses: USD$576.79 (through the end of February)
Total donations: USD$497.13 (USD$518.73 was donated, but Paypal takes a cut)

End result: negative USD$79.66

I'm running this server as a hobby, not a business. All donations I get will go towards server expenses. Any extra above that will go towards improving the server. I won't be spending it on myself.

I never expected an amount near this in donations. I'm extremely grateful to everyone who has donated. I happily accept any other donations, but remember that they are not compulsory.

The server is now running Minecraft beta 1.3. We've got a (familiar) temporary world until bukkit updates. Here's some information.

The world before being converted to the new format in 1.3 was 6.0GBs and over 1.5 million files.
The world after being converted to the new format in 1.3 was 6.4GBs and 2183 files.

I approve.

We're back on mods with Minestick. We're currently using a recent version fo bucket that has Essentials (/home and /sethome), Login Queue (starts a queue when server is full and gives us a reserve list), and some administrative tools to make things easier.

Long term plans involve adding a few other administrative tools, hopefully including a custom "deed" system to allow for protecting land after some fashion. But for the time being, I've got some real life things that I need to deal with, like work, and things are going to be staying a lot like they are now for a while.

1.2! Birch trees! Squids! Dye, oh my! We're on a temporary world until possibly the end of Sunday. If hMod isn't updated by then, we'll just hop back into the normal world and deal with cleaning it up after the fact.

We've moved up to beta! With version 1.1_01 the crazy CPU and bandwidth usage should be fixed. I'll keep on eye on things, but they look noticably better.

We're on a temporary world right now while beta settles in, so the real world doesn't get corrupted or destroyed. We'll move back soon enough. Maybe without the fancy mods for a bit and see how well serverside inventory prevents major griefing. Wouldn't that be fun.

I didn't comment that the SSD was installed. It works tremendously well, but there are still some noticable delays in the system. I attribute them to Notch's code. The previous 2+ hour backup times each night for the 2.7GB world now last six minutes.

Speaking of backups! We lost power. A transformer exploded. I guess the power company is going to make this a regular thing or something. The good news is that the Minestick server is now properly plugged into a UPS backed power strip. The bad news is that the hard power down corrupted the world save and we're restoring from last night's backup.

I know a lot of people were working on some very big things, and put a lot of work into them. Losing that is always a big blow. Since backups are quicker, the only danger is hard drive space. I'm going to see about doing a backup every 12 hours instead.

The order for the drive has been placed. I expect it'll be here by Tuesday. Thank you for your support, everyone!

The world is currently 2.5GBs. At the rate it's growing, a 6GB ramdisk would probably not last as long as it would need to. For long term stability, I'm looking into getting an SSD drive instead. This guy here looks to be the best for our needs: OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD3-2VTX90G 3.5" 90GB. Reasonable price, enough size for the world to grow without reaching the "slow down" point of MLC SSDs, and good stats for speed and I/O per second. Current donations are at $150 (THANKS!), but the drive is $185 (free shipping). I'm unwilling to spend my own money right now -- but if a donator is willing to fill in the gap, I'd put the donation pool forward to this drive.

Happy Thanksgiving! I've got the old server online as a sort of "test" server until I can figure out what to do with it. Right now, the most notable aspect of it is that it has the /ion_cannon command. I recommend using /ion_cannon 1 only. Anything over 5 will for sure crash it. It test every five minutes and force-restarts the server if it's not responding. No auto-save. /give command and others work, type /help to see it all. No guarantees, no saving, the map WILL be reset later. Just testing and goofing around. Address to connect is craft.minestick.com:24000. Have fun! -Server 25/11/2010

There was an issue today with internet connectivity. Investigation showed that the internet cable amplifier was plugged into an overloaded circuit. Prior to the recent onset of snow, the circuit was home to a welder, air compressor, and various other things you don't want in your living room. Add to that a space heater, and you start pulling enough amps to throw breakers.

There were roughly 2-5 minutes of downtime whenever it blew, and there were four or five instances of it today. Once the problem was identified, a solution was devised. Several hours later after fighting yellow jackets, spiders, snowstorms, the darkness, and creepers, an axe punched a hole in a wall and the amplifier was plugged into a stable circuit.

This has likely been a problem several times in the past, but was assumed to be standard connectivity issues. Internet connectivity should be more reliable now. -Server 22/11/2010

Setting up the new server, but it looks like I'm going to need more memory if I want the ramdisk to work. People have suggested donations -- the RAM required would cost USD$200. I'm still doing testing, but here's a donation button for those feeling generous. All money donated will go towards improving Minestick, setting up another server or two eventually, and paying for bandwidth fees. Donations are not required, but will be graciously accepted.

My time is still rather limited, and I won't be able to do much special beyond purchasing and installing the RAM. I'd like to offer some sort of reward for donators. I'll keep a list and figure something out. Thanks if you donate, don't worry about it if you don't! -Server 22/11/2010

(button removed, located at bottom of page.)

Outage today for about six hours. Caused by a short blackout, I think, which shut the router down and it didn't come back up. I'm going to set up a system that pages me when connectivity is down so I can be aware and get that fixed. -Server 12/11/2010

Finally had some time and put together a compilation of the Hey0 mod and some plugins. Users need to be "voiced" to place dangerous items such as lava or TNT. Just shoot me an email (server@minestick.com) if you find yourself unable to place that crucial bucket of lava and I'll get you voiced. Unvoiced players are grey, voiced players are white, drafted government workers (temporary position) are blue, mods are green. Only administrative mods were added. -Server 07/11/2010

World got corrupted. Hooray! Restoring from last night's backup after a couple failed attempts to fix. About 18 hours of work lost. At least it wasn't more. I'm going to be looking into mdconfig for a virtual filesystem to lower the filecount of a world, so it's faster to back it up. The world size is 1.3GBs so far, and will only get larger. And that means more and more files as well, which slows the amount of time to make a backup. -Server 02/11/2010

Happy Halloween! Something exploded outside around 3am Pacific, and power was out for around 12 hours. (And then the next 7 hours, the router was misconfigured.) -Server 30/10/2010